Working holiday never felt easier…

Keeping our candidates happy is a key core value at RIG because it is such a big driver of business throughout the recruitment industry. A happy candidate doesn’t just keep the business flowing in, it opens up doors to other business including referrals of friends and colleagues. Jack at RIG ensures he keeps on top of his candidates needs and this is represented by the testimonial that follows:

Why did you decide to do a working holiday in the UK?

I decided to do a working holiday in the UK because all my sisters had done it before me, lots of my work colleagues were doing it, and I hadn’t travelled further than Thailand before.

How did you find the ease of process with getting yourself ready to work with RIG Healthcare?

Getting set up to work in the UK was easy with RIG. Jack told me everything I needed to do, and was always happy to answer all of my burning questions.

What was the biggest change you experienced when working in the UK?

 Working in England was challenging at times because I didn’t have my usual wind downs of a nice sunset walk on the beach or a sunrise mountain climb. But it was fun being the token Aussie at work and experiencing snow for the first time.

What have you enjoyed the most?

 It was great to be able to learn new things and get training that I otherwise might not have gotten back home. The best part about working in the UK is being able to book a flight that costs less than dinner, and then be in a new country in a matter of an hour. Being a locum allows you the ability to pick and choose where and when you want to work, therefore you can holiday whenever your bank account will allow you to!

What would you do differently if you could do it all over again?

If I were to do it all over again, I would either work in London itself, instead of down south; or buy a car so that I could have adventured around more of England.

What would you recommend about RIG?

I would recommend RIG, as everyone I was in contact with was always lovely and quick to help you. Even one year on from being a RIG client, Jack is still helping me with my AHPRA Audit!