How to write a good job advert?

Some recruiters are excellent at calling round clients to pick up vacancies, some recruiters are excellent at finding suitable candidates but the really successful 360 consultants realise the importance of doing both. So how do you go about that? What avenues can you use? This all depends on what market you are operating in as a Recruiter but one thing that never changes across this exciting world is the power of advertising.

Why do I need to write a good job advert for a job I’m sure I’m going to fill within a couple of days I hear you ask….

Put simply if your candidates don’t know that you a) pick up the type of job they want and b) fill the type of job they want, they won’t contact you in the first place.

So how do we write a good description to attract top talent?

In a market where there are thousands of jobs advertised and candidates scan read online the key is to have important, pertinent information in a readable and digestible way.

1) Have a specific title.

What, Where, How long.
What. Put simply what is the job title of the role you are recruiting for? Put yourself in the position of someone looking for a job, what would you type in if looking for a new role? Recruitment Consultant? Key specialist sales maker probably wouldn’t be somthing you typed in to google.
Where is the role? Can you be specific? It’s been shown that roles with Islington rather than London attract up to 20% more applications.
How long. This is pertinent if you work in the temp or contract market, a candidate may be available for a limited time so will be looking for something only for a month or they may be available for 6 months and don’t want to have to move around in three or four different jobs.

2) Brief Overview Statement

I am looking for a Recruitment Consultant for an exciting business located in Hammersmith for a 3 month role to start in June offering £75 per hour dependant on experience.

3) Digestible Information

Use bullet points for key facts and short paragraphs rather than pasting a 10 page job description in the advert, its key to remember that many people browse on mobile devices and reams of information isn’t easily digestible on smaller screens. Things to include could be:

  • What does the role entail
  • What experience does the candidate need
  • What’s the company or departments mentality
  • What benefits are there to work there
  • What else is important to the role

Remember, you are sales people you need to sell the role to your candidates.

4) Why You?

If you operate in a market where many Recruiters work on the same or similar roles its important to explain to a prospective candidate why they should work with you and your company. Think about what makes you different to your competitors from a personal and company perspective.

5) Clear call to action

Tell your candidate what to do next. Do they want more information and can they call or email you for this? Can they easily apply with just a name and phone number if they click your apply now button?

6) Check your work

You’ve spent time putting together an informative and attractive advert selling the benefits of not only the role but you and your company. Don’t ruin it all by having poor grammar or spelling mistakes