Joysel raises money for the National Autistic Society

It is organisations and charities such as the National Autistic Society that have paved a way for children and families with ASD to get the support they need to develop their skills to live a fulfilling life.

Our Specialist Recruiter in General Medicine, Joysel Dizon-Livelo ran 10K to raise awareness and funds for a charity very close to her heart…. Here’s her story.

My husband and I received Andre’s official diagnosis in March 2018 of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) but the diagnosis was not needed. By this point, we already knew our son had autism even without the ‘official’ diagnosis. By this time, Andre was already attending an ELP school and receiving the help and support he’s needed to help develop his communication skills.

“Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that affects how people perceive the world and interact with others.”

What I want people to understand the most is autism is not an illness or disease and cannot be ‘cured’! They are also not naughty children! Children with ASD have meltdowns and not tantrums – the difference is they do not UNDERSTAND WHY they cannot get what they want. I not only want to raise awareness to those who do not know what autism is and have this perception that they are ‘naughty children’ but I also want to show my support to all those families that have gone through what my husband and I have gone through.

Can you imagine looking at your perfect son and not be able to understand why he is having a meltdown because he cannot communicate this to you? Or when he doesn’t respond to his own name? Or even when you are looking at him in the eyes speaking to him but he’s staring straight through you? – THIS is only a few of our daily struggles! To the parents who have to work extra hard to learn patience and sometimes suffer alone, I ran this 10km for you.

Joysel raised £200 over her initial target with many of her colleagues supporting her and raised a whopping £700 – Well done Joysel, your RIG family are very proud of you!

You can still donate here.