“Keep it simple”

By Lee Fossey, New Business Director

There are many ways to do this, across many different markets and specialties but, recruitment the World over is essentially the same, you are taking a candidate with a skill and presenting them to a client who has a need for that skill. Basically, you are a match maker in a career sense. If you do this successfully and multiply your efforts you become a successful recruiter, it is that simple.

Having recently joined RIG to launch and grow New Markets under the Healthcare banner, understanding this simple concept has been essential to not only hiring the right employees, but effectively launching Divisions focused in Mental Health, Nursing and Permanent Placements. Whereas, this could be a daunting endeavour, my 20+ years of experience within Recruitment both in the UK market and the USA markets, I have learnt from my mentors, and I have always trained my teams, to stick to

All too often Recruitment Consultants can take a simple process and complicate it with so many variables that it ends up losing the focus on what truly drives us, our clients and our candidates, “The Placement”.

We are not rocket scientists, we do not have to reinvent the wheel, if we work hard, look after our customers and do what we need to do, it is a simple(ish) industry. A simple cycle can explain the process; you and I know that this is over simplified as it doesn’t take into account multiple vendors, frameworks, different payment methods, compliance etc, but truly the cycle of recruitment is a simple process and if done correctly you have a chance to become very successful.

Following the simple rules of how to do things effectively, most people can channel their passion / drive to build a solid recruitment desk. I have used this mind set at all levels of my career, whether running a start-up business of my own or running a £80m per year Division for an International Recruitment Leader, it is that SIMPLE.

You can hear in many different industries or walks of life across the World, “maintain the basics you will be successful”, “be consistent and you will reach your goal”, “plan ahead and you will attain the target” and many more. These are all true but the underlying factor with all of these catchphrases is “Keep it Simple”, follow the process and you will achieve the result.

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