Hannah Keens – Sales Support Director

Your background prior to RIG
I started working when I was 15 and progressed into an office environment by working in a call centre for a financial company when I was around 19.  Within the financial company I transitioned from working in customer service to Credit Control.  Due to relocation I then took a temporary Credit Control position at RIG around September 2013/2014

Why choose Healthcare recruitment?
I didn’t choose Healthcare recruitment and also didn’t know that much about it, but felt a connection to the company when I originally interviewed

What made you choose RIG Healthcare over other companies?
In my interview it was clear that RIG has an open door policy to ideas and suggestions and a supportive management structure.

Your RIG Healthcare Journey (e.g. Credit Controller to Compliance Manager to Sales Support Director)
Using the supportive management structure and open door policy for ideas, I was able to progress from a Temporary Credit Controller to a permanent contract.  From there I moved to a Senior Credit Control position and managed the Credit Control for one half of the business.  I learnt many skills through RIG such as understanding the wider problem and finding solutions that matched the pressure and Risk for all areas of the business.  Understanding and believing in my company gave me a drive to succeed, I was then mentored by Senior Managers and progressed into the position of Compliance Manager.  This opened up the challenge of implementing different processes whilst gaining the ideas and suggestions of all areas of the business and my team.  In April 2016 I was honoured to be offered the Position of Head of Compliance managing a team of 23.  We have worked together to create a department we are very proud of.  My final progression was recently when I accepted the position of Sales Support Director, which allows me to manage the Compliance office whilst also managing an additional team to allow a smooth and robust service for our sales consultants, candidates and clients.

How RIG Healthcare has helped you develop (e.g. Training, personal development)
I could not have developed through my career to my current position without the support and encouragement I have felt every step of the way from RIG.  They have provided training to assist me in developing my management and risk assessment skills.

What does RIG Healthcare offer you and/or potential new employees
RIG offers a career within a thriving and growing company rather than a job, we have built a family feel within our company and work together to succeed

What does your future within the business look like? (goals / aspirations)
I am excited for my future with RIG and intend to make a lasting impression building a seamless sales Support function.

How do you feel about the CPL acquisition of the business?
The acquisition has been the most recent exciting development of a great journey.  With the CPL acquisition we have the ability, backing and support for a substantial growth to our company to make RIG the brand of choice in Healthcare recruitment.

What do you like best about the company?
The ability to progress through the company on your own merits and the hard work you put it, everyone is given an equal chance and support to grow and succeed.

Your best moment / experience
Accepting the position of Head of Compliance knowing that I had the backing and support not just of senior managers but of every member of my team.

We wholeheartedly believe that RIG is a pretty special place to work; not just a job but a lifestyle choice, a choice to commit to continuous improvement and work to be the best version of yourself.

Affi Khan, CEO, RIG Healthcare