Joe James – Team Leader

What was your background prior to joining RIG Healthcare?
I was a student just finishing college, I was offered the chance to work for RIG in Admin, I then progressed through Admin to Sales.

Why choose Healthcare recruitment?
Initially it was just situational, but as I got to know the job better I found I was really aligned to working with Healthcare staff. The large majority of Healthcare workers started their training with care as their main focus. The chance to work care focused and Outcome driven clients is rare.  Our clients largely enjoy engaging with people verbally and face to face as their day to day jobs requires them to do so anyway. Healthcare recruitment keeps you accountable as your candidate will be delivering a service in a critically important role. Your personal service delivery effects the health of the General public.

What made you choose RIG Healthcare over other companies?
The team environment here is fantastic, although we have some fantastically talented and successful recruiters here, the team win goes ahead of personal gain. The top billers here are successful through drive but are willing to sacrifice a personal victory to benefit another.

Your RIG Healthcare journey (e.g. Recruitment Consultant through to Team Leader)
My journey at RIG has been a climb from part time admin work, into the Compliance team all the way to a top 3 biller, I’ve been given the opportunity to progress and develop a career in radiography, and I look forward to taking the next step with RIG.

What does RIG Healthcare offer you and/or potential new employees
A chance to progress.

What does your future within the business look like? (goals / aspirations)
Hopefully the chance to progress and develop my career further and move into a management role. I’m hungry for the chance to pick up formal management training.

How do you feel about the CPL acquisition of the business?
Optimistic that we will be given further provision to help the team progress.

Your best incentive since being with the company
Vegas trip, was one of the best trips I’ve ever been on – a lot of good memories.

Your best moment / experience
Being handed the keys to my company Car and receiving a bonus from a business wide incentive.

We wholeheartedly believe that RIG is a pretty special place to work; not just a job but a lifestyle choice, a choice to commit to continuous improvement and work to be the best version of yourself.

Affi Khan, CEO, RIG Healthcare