Natasha Brewer – Commercial Manager

What was your background prior to joining RIG Locums?
Sport, Nannying, Recruitment Apprenticeship

Why did you choose Healthcare/Doctors recruitment?
Recruitment was not something I originally had set my sights on, however, having completed an apprenticeship at a recruitment firm I knew I wanted to work within the recruitment sector. Whilst not particularly keen to stick with Healthcare Recruitment, I knew I wanted to work within the recruitment industry so continued to apply for similar roles. It was when I met the RIG Locums team at my interview that I knew I wanted to build my career in healthcare as the company’s ethics, drive and standards were something that I respected and knew I could deliver to.

What made you choose RIG Locums over other companies?
Company ethics – honest approach to healthcare recruitment

Your RIG Locums Journey (e.g. Trainee Recruitment Consultant through to Senior/Team Leader)
I joined RIG Locums as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant in Feb 2013, with lots of support and training from experienced recruiters, I qualified as a recruiter in June 2013. After building a successful desk within the Surgery team I took the opportunity available to me to become a Senior Recruiter Oct 2014 and set up new, short term desk. Then in April 2015 I became Senior Team Leader to head up the Junior Doctors team, I then switched across to manage Surgery team Feb 2016. In May 2017 I was given the opportunity to step away from the sales floor and became company Commercial Manager for both the Healthcare and Locums businesses.

How RIG Locums has helped you develop (e.g. Training, personal development)
Lots of training when I first started, managers had a lot of time for me and were able to answer questions directly. When I excelled, there were opportunities to develop and upskill myself. My goal was always to develop in to a non-billing role that could benefit the company, I took the time to learn how processes worked, understand why certain rules were followed to understand how the business works from an operational and commercial perspective. Now I feel as though all the skills I have learnt, be trained on and developed over the past 4 years can be practiced every day.

What does RIG Locums offer you and/or potential new employees
A career and career progression. If you put the time and effort in – you will reap the rewards.

What does your future within the business look like? (goals / aspirations)
Hope to keep developing in my new role by winning contracts, increasing revenue through existing clients. I have gone from a Trainee to a Commercial Manager in 4 years so for me right now it is about learning this new role and becoming an expert before I look to make the next steps.

How do you feel about the CPL acquisition of the business?
Excited! Being a part of such a large European recruitment company opens lots of opportunities for business. Our networks and supply avenues have dramatically improved since we were acquired. It feels as though the sky is the limit!

What do you like best about the company?
The people, fun environment to work in. It’s demanding – it’s a sales role so would be ignorant to think the good comes without the bad. Targets and KPI pressures are inevitable, however, the people in the company make it. Everyone wants you to succeed.

Your best incentive since being with the company
Going to the races at Royal Ascot was really great – we had a coach to take us to the racecourse, with unlimited champagne on board. The cherry on top was that day before we had each won cash to spend on the races.  

Your best moment / experience
There was a specific two weeks as a recruiter that were amazing! I qualified from Trainee to a Recruiter which I was so proud of as I had worked so hard to get there, I put a great deal on the board, was given a pay rise, the sales floor was each given a cash bonus for hitting an incentive, we went to Ascot with the whole team and I won Most Valuable Player so was given Selfridges vouchers! A great two weeks!

We wholeheartedly believe that RIG is a pretty special place to work; not just a job but a lifestyle choice, a choice to commit to continuous improvement and work to be the best version of yourself.

Affi Khan, CEO, RIG Healthcare

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