Richard Smith – OT Team Leader

What was your background prior to joining RIG Healthcare?
I came from a year in IT recruitment and prior to that had 3 years’ in the Fitness Industry. The IT sector helped me development a certain robustness towards recruitment.

Why choose Healthcare recruitment?
Through talking with friends, it was clear that they all had a good vibe about Healthcare recruitment. Essentially, unlike all other sectors, the Health industry isn’t majorly affected by any Recession, because people will still get ill. This gave me confidence that the industry would be a strong platform to develop my skills.
Additionally, Healthcare also came with a ‘nice’ stigma. The health industry clearly has people in it that want to help others which is appealing.

What made you choose RIG Healthcare over other companies?
I was recommended to RIG by a friend who had said good things about the company. I had a good feeling from the managers when I came in for my interview and I knew it was the place I wanted to be working at.

Your RIG Healthcare (e.g. Recruitment Consultant through to Team Leader)
It hasn’t all been plain sailing at RIG. It has had its’ ups and downs but there have been more highs than lows. I am happy that my work ethic and desire to be successful has been recognised with the promotions, but I know that there is still a lot of hard work ahead to take the team forward to where the business needs it to be.

How RIG Healthcare has helped you develop (e.g. Training, personal development)
As a person I have matured and become much more robust since working at RIG. Unfortunately, rejection and good competition is almost a daily occurrence in the industry but I believe this is a good thing, (Despite the few grey hairs I now have). With regards to training, this has been supplied. In addition, my managers Rob Bryan and Dan Hassett have always said that they are available for guidance / help if needed.

What does RIG Healthcare offer you and/or potential new employees
RiG offer a flexible and friendly working environment. They also have Private Medical insurance and a pension scheme.

What does your future within the business look like? (goals / aspirations)
My aim is to continue to develop my personal skills for myself and also for the OT team. There is a clear vision to grow the numbers into triple figures. With the right workforce, I believe this is possible. I do hope to continue up the career path and eventually come off the phone and have much more influential position within the business

How do you feel about the CPL acquisition of the business?
This is an exciting time for RIG. Both CPL and RIG have the same vision, so the two marry up very well. This can surely only be a good thing. This now gives RIG a much stronger foothold on the market, by hopefully being able to provide a better service to our customers then I have ever been able to before

What do you like best about the company?
The PEOPLE. The people I currently work with and have worked with have been the best experience at RIG. A happy workplace makes for a happy worker right?

Your best incentive since being with the company
The car incentives have always been something to push for. Although smaller, weekly/monthly cash incentives have always pushed me to achieve more than expected

Your best moment / experience
When I was initially promoted. This was a big step for me as I hadn’t managed staff before and it showed faith in my abilities from senior members of staff

We wholeheartedly believe that RIG is a pretty special place to work; not just a job but a lifestyle choice, a choice to commit to continuous improvement and work to be the best version of yourself.

Affi Khan, CEO, RIG Healthcare

Life at RIG