Sam Cannon – Team Leader

I started off my journey at RIG on the apprenticeship scheme, this was pretty much straight after finishing my A levels with only some experience as a football coach behind me, so they certainly gave me a chance and took a risk with me (one I would like to think paid off).

To begin with, the main thing that appealed to me about the healthcare sector was the fact you would be dealing with people who are genuinely wanting to help people and in turn I would be able to play a part in helping them make that possible. I worked as an apprentice for a year in total, in this time I was able to develop my skills dealing with candidate’s day in day out and was lucky enough to be working on a team with very experienced recruiters who had been in the market for some time.

I was also working very closely alongside a consultant who acted as a mentor, this was invaluable as it allowed me to see from the beginning how things worked from both client and candidate side and assisted me to improve the small details that come with the job. After I finished my apprenticeship I became a candidate advisor and a permanent member of staff, at this stage I now had my eye on progressing to consultant level, and had noticed that a lot of the team around me had progressed in a similar fashion to myself, which was reassuring and shows the company do look to progress from within.  Sure, enough after 6 months I was promoted to trainee consultant level and given my own territory. With the help of the team around me, I was soon up and running and making regular placements.

RIG held a brilliant incentive over a 6-month period and anyone who was successful with hitting this was taken on an all-expenses paid trip to Las Vegas, thankfully I hit this target and it was great to enjoy the break after a lot of hard work. I was then given the opportunity to progress to team leader, this has been a great experience and has helped with my development, working closely with some very experienced managers who have helped guide me through situations I hadn’t been in up until then.

My goal at the company is to continue to progress as far through the ranks as possible and help take RIG to new heights which I feel has been made all that more possible with the recent CPL acquisition.

We wholeheartedly believe that RIG is a pretty special place to work; not just a job but a lifestyle choice, a choice to commit to continuous improvement and work to be the best version of yourself.

Affi Khan, CEO, RIG Healthcare