Yeliz Mustafa – Compliance Team Leader

Before joining RIG I worked at another recruitment agency where I started as a Resourcer working as an apprentice for the top biller in the company. This gave me a lot of experience and understanding about the recruitment environment and how the process worked.

Healthcare was not a specific choice however, I was very interested in learning more around candidate’s vaccinations and learning the different compliance requirements.

When I was interviewed for Compliance Officer I had really good vibes from the interviewers, they asked me good constructive questions and answered the questions I had really well, they really sold the company to me and I felt that with their personalities that I would fit in well with the team, enjoy the compliance they dealt with and also have a future at RIG.

I started at RIG Healthcare as a compliance officer back in 2014, I very quickly then became a Senior Compliance Officer after my 3 month probation where I then had a lot more exposure to leading a team as well as still completing tasks a compliance officer would, I was then a senior compliance officer up until April 2016. During this time I gained many skills in regards to speaking with my team members, dealing with difficult situations and planning work for my team. When I then became a Team Leader in April 2016 I had much support from our Head of Compliance and HR team along the way, my knowledge on certain areas of day to day work life completely changed and adapted to thinking and planning as a team leader should.

RIG Healthcare has been a huge support for me throughout my time here, however the support that continues to stick with me the most was when I became a Team Leader in Compliance, my team grew as I managed our Placed and Working team along with our Admin and Contracts team also. The support I had from my seniors, our Head of Compliance (Hannah Keens) and HR department truly made me the manager I am today. We were given the opportunity to go on several training courses around Team Leading and Customer Service and I was able to bring so much back from this to share and incorporate into my team, these experiences have truly developed me into the person and leader I am to my team today and that support has continued throughout my journey.

RIG Healthcare offers opportunity, RIG has always noticed an employee that has real potential and they always ensure the employee knows this, it gives such a boost in confidence to give good feedback to your teams, even when the feedback may be slightly negative i.e. constructive feedback this is delivered in such a calm and professional manner that you take everything on board.

I would hope that my future within RIG looks bright, my goals within RIG would be to potentially mange a bigger team if the opportunity ever arose.

I feel that RIG Healthcare and CPL joining is only going to bring greater opportunities and work for RIG as a business, the 5 year plan for our business looks extremely promising and I am looking forward to seeing where this will take us.

My favourite part of RIG is the people within it, everyone in compliance works so well together, we have improved as a department/business massively in regards to managing our teams and relationships, there is always support and opportunities at RIG!

My favourite incentive would have to be when RIG did fire walking! It was such a great experience, I would never have had the opportunity to do something like that as I would have never booked it outside of work, it was a great team building session and an experience I won’t ever forget. RIG always look for great incentives for the teams to take part in which is very rewarding for all of us.

My best moment at RIG would be when I became a Team Leader, knowing and feeling that my hard work and dedication had not gone unnoticed, being able to interview for the position, feeling confident in regards to how I was portraying myself and everything I had to offer at that point. Knowing I could potentially be the person/team leader they were looking for through building my confidence, experiences and knowledge from being a Senior Compliance Officer. This for me was a great achievement.

We wholeheartedly believe that RIG is a pretty special place to work; not just a job but a lifestyle choice, a choice to commit to continuous improvement and work to be the best version of yourself.

Affi Khan, CEO, RIG Healthcare

Life at RIG