Super Car Driving Anyone?

RIG’s latest trip for our superstar staff who go above and beyond was a trip to the Top Gear driving track to drive super cars!

After safety briefings and a demo lap to learn where to turn, break and floor it, the team took to the track to drive several cars that included Lambourghinis, Ferraris, BMWs, Mclarens, and Porsches.
After driving the cars themselves most of the team were taken out in a 4 seater V8 supercharged Vauxhall VXR to be driven (thrown!) around by a professional driver.
A brave few went in the super fast 2 seater, open top, roll caged Ariel Atom! Needless to say they were a little wobbly when they returned! 
Much laughter was had looking at each others pictures and videos from the day which every one took away as a lasting memory.

Specialist Doctors Recruiter Fiona Murphy said “I was so thrilled to attend the supercar driving experience, I am such a petrol-head and I always wanted to drive a Lamborghini – the fact it was on the Top Gear track was the cherry on top! We had so much fun as a team and of course everyone got really competitive with their scores! RIG made sure we had a fantastic package including demo laps, 6 laps driving both Ferrari and Lambo, and then we all got pics and vids to relive the day again!. Amazing day out for anybody feeling the need for speed!!”

Needless to say all of the attendees were like a kid in a candy store and everyone walked away ready to get back to work and save up those pennies to buy their own supercars 🙂


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